Thermal Spray Application

Thermal Spray application includes Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) TSA is an excellent coating for application to the exterior of components to subsea service.

Corrosion Protection System for the Offshore Drilling and Production Industry and  The Petrochemical Industry

Since 1969, Century has applied Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) to offshore drilling and production equipment, ranging from small valves to large buoyancy cans. TSA meets the stringent requirements of the offshore oil and gas industry, and Century Corrosion’s demand for quality and delivery exceeds our customer’s expectations. Segregates bays within a completely enclosed building allow Century to apply the latest coating technologies.

Application of Thermal Sprayed Aluminum Coating

Application of Thermal Sprayed Aluminum Coating

Century Corrosion Technologies uses state of the art Dual Arc Thermal Spray equipment, insuring customer specifications are met each and every time, on each and every project.

The TSA Corrosion Protection System can be applied manually via flame or arc, or on our automated coating process. Depending on weight, the automated process can accommodate straight run pope in sized from 3 to 60 inches in diameter, and up to 90 foot lengths. Internal diameter (I.D.) of piping can also be coated with the use of a lance.

Subsea and Splashzone Coating Application

Subsea and Splashzone Coatings

Major offshore contractors and end-users have had coatings applied by Century Corrosion for the protection of piping and equipment in subsea and splashzone environments. Various coating systems have been applied for the protection of risers and stress joints in the splash zone area on Tension Leg Platforms. Upper Feel Stems and buoyancy cans have been coated with immersion grade epoxy and coal tar coatings on Spar Platforms.

Severe Duty Coatings for CUI, High temperature and Specialty Services

Severe Duty Coatings

Century Corrosion’s Applications division qualifies as a severe duty coatings applicator for corrosion under insulation (CUI) as well as high temperature and cryogenic services. CUI is a severe duty environment due to cycling temperatures and the intermittent wetting which results in a near immersion environment. Polyamidoamine and polyamide epoxies as well as epoxy phenolic and novolac epoxies are commonly applied for these services. High temperature and temperature indicating coatings are also applied by Century’s application division.

Products Applied Equipment Types Qualifactions
Inorganic Zinc Risers NACE Certified Inspectors
Epoxies Vessels NACE Coating Specialist
Phenolic Buoyancy cans All Weather Facilities
Moisture cured urethanes Skids Quality Management
Polysiloxane Tanks Professional Applications
Silicones Fabricated Piping since 1969
…and much more …and much more …and much more


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